What is Secrets of the Phoenix?

Stated in simple terms, this is one of the most memorable and most popular online slots ever made. The title has a mysterious ring to it, but the potentials for registering significant winnings are no mystery to quite a number of slots players. Since the game emerged in early 2017, it left an impression on enough slots players, and so much so, that it is today kept as part of the roster at so many relevant online casinos.

Ever since, the players have been looking for Secrets of the Phoenix bonus offers, free spins and online casino promo codes to be used on this game, including, the unbelievable possibility of a Secrets of the Phoenix no deposit bonus free spins.

About SecretsOfThePhoenixSlot.co.uk

This website was launched for the purpose of providing a full guide to the Secrets of the Phoenix slot. Those who are interested in finding out the fine details about the game will discover everything that there could be known about it.

The players will find instructions how to set up for the gameplay, what the most valuable symbols and combinations are, the Secrets of the Phoenix RTP and what this number means, welcome offers, info about the bonus plays and the style of play that is described as collapsing/falling reels. And much more.

So let’s get deep into Phoenix territory and discover what makes this fiery bird thrive in the world of online slots.  

Where to Play Secrets of the Phoenix Slot

Secrets of the Phoenix by Gamesys

Gamesys are one of the better famous i-gaming companies in the world. Let’s just look at their credentials to get a better understanding about what sort of a production giant has given us one of the most memorable online slots ever.

Gamesys are a huge company, with over 1000 employees and they have 25 million players. They came together in 2002. Behind them are dozens upon dozens of games they’ve made in their own studios, but also they have collaborations with other companies.

It is no surprise that besides the play Secrets of the Phoenix slots, casino players around the world can also enjoy the jackpot game Tiki Island and the thrilling ride that is often brought on by the Double Bubble slots.

The London-based company has managed to create a masterpiece in “The Secrets” and casinos know better to keep this game on, despite the fact that there are some extraordinarily appealing slots coming out on a daily basis. So what is this game’s tue secret when it comes to slots winnings? Let’s try and find out.

Secrets of the Phoenix Graphics Review

The players will discover a marvelously conceived online slot set on one of those floating islands. It seems like the home of the Phoenix is an ancient Aztec/Mayan kingdom, with its stepped pyramids set deep inside the jungle. The game’s layout offers a reel-set of five vertical reels and three horizontal rows. These have been nudged a bit further back in the distance than is usually the case in any other online slot. What is more, at times the reel-set seems to ooze to and from the vantage point, adding an extra element of thrill.

Secrets Of The Phoenix Graphics

How to Play Secrets of the Phoenix Slots

The reels are set on few stone blocks that are part of a marvelous fortress. There is a towering column of stones there, too, which represents the free spins progress bar, which is topped by the number 25 – that means, 25 gratis turns can be given on the Secrets of the Phoenix free spins.

This is very much tied to the concept of play called collapsing reels or falling reels in some instances. Whatever name one prefers, it is certain to do one thing in the Secrets of the Phoenix slot: bring on a number of subsequent wins and trigger the corresponding number of free spins.

To set up the gameplay, start with selecting the coin size. This is the only setting that needs to be configured before hitting the Spin button. The coin size ranges from one penny to £8.00 per payline – speaking of which, there is a total of 25.

The paylines are fixed, which means, no matter what the coin size and the total bet, all 25 will always provide the backdrop for the potential winning combinations.

The total bet per spin is given when the selected coin size becomes multiplied automatically by 25. Thus, the biggest Secrets of the Phoenix bet is £200 and the starting bet is £0.25 per spin, on a coin size of £0.01 per payline.

Secrets of the Phoenix Collapsing Reels

Although Gamesys were not the studio to pioneer this type of gameplay, they certainly were the one to make it perfect, with our favorite game. For those who are new to this, falling reels or collapsing reels causes the game’s symbols falling down with each turn. When a combination of winning symbols occurs on a payline, those symbols will disappear, leaving room for a new set of symbols. Consequently, if the new set makes a payline with the symbols that have remained on the reels, those will vaporise and make space for yet another set.

In all theoretical probabilities, this could result in a near-infinite succession of winning symbols. The luckiest players out there will get to see subsequent wins forming, and if these occur enough times, the game will trigger the Secrets of the Phoenix bonus spins, or bonus falls, if we are to be precise. Four or more winnings in a row will trigger the bonus with a corresponding number of free spins.

Secrets of the Phoenix Symbols

The game’s symbols are not a far cry from those that have been chiseled into the stone and marble artifacts of the New World. The game’s high paying symbols are a set of orbs that are kept inside ornate frames. The symbols inside the orbs are of a dragon, a gryphon and some sort of a mythical lion.

The other class of symbols are stone blocks that portray various animal heads and some architectural ornaments. Then there is the Wild symbol, which represents the fiery phoenix, which substitutes for any, except the game’s scatter which is a stone head of a phoenix.

How to Win Secrets of the Phoenix

As for the symbol pays, the game’s most valuable one is the yellow block of the lion, paying 500x for a string of five matching ones. This one, as well as all standard game symbols, can be substituted by the wild. The next symbol in terms of value is the green dragon, paying 25x for five matching ones, and the same amount is given with the blue gryphon. With the stone block symbols the value starts to go down. The wings pay 100x and the animal heads 75x, 50x and 30x for the set of symbols. The wild doesn’t pay any, but like was stated, it substitutes for all except the scatter.

Secrets of the Phoenix Bonus Features

Besides the falling reels that can result in the free spins bonus, there are few other details that give the game the edge it carries. The wild symbol is part of the thrilling gameplay as it creates better possibilities for a bigger and better win. So we are just about to find out what these features do.

Secrets of the Phoenix Free Spins

Free spins are granted with the subsequent wins feature. The game can give as many as 25 free spins in the most rewarading instance. The scheme of subsequent wins to free spins ratio is as follows:

4 subsequent wins = 7 free spins

5 subsequent wins = 10 free spins

6 subsequent wins = 15 free spins

7 subsequent wins = 20 free spins

8+ subsequent wins = 25 free spins

The free spins can be retriggered during the bonus feature itself. If there are three or more consecutive wins during the feature, the player receives additional free spins.

Secrets of the Phoenix Wild Symbol Bonus

The wild symbol plays a bigger role than just substituting for other symbols. Unlike in other slot games, the wild here doesn’t trigger a cash prize, but it certainly helps to boost winnings. If a symbol appears as stacked on all three rows and becomes taken down as part of a winning combination, that space will be filled-in by a stacked wild symbol. The Phoenix wild has the ability to interact with more symbols when stacked, as it does a super cool feature of shooting flames in all directions in which there are symbols comprising a winning combination.

Secrets of the Phoenix RTP

More often than not, games that are meant to become popular are given average Return to Player outcomes. The theoretical return to player in this instance is right on the edge of what is considered average. With a Secret of the Phoenix RTP at 94.87%, the game is more than welcome and doesn’t fall behind at all from what is considered a good RTP.

In this instance, the players who fulfill an indeterminate number of spins will get 94.97% of their bets on aggregate. On the other hand, the RTP means little, or in other words, the amount becomes obliterated and reflects a much more favorable number, when there has been a big win. This is the reason why an average is offered for a number of spins that could range anywhere between a dozen to more than 1000.